In 1890, in the heart of an extensive farm, this farmhouse is built surrounded by olive trees and ancient trees. the building has been carefully restored while maintaining the style and taste of the late 800s.

The main part overlooks the hill and the part that once was dedicated to sharecroppers is located in the east of the building. Originally the land of the entire farm, extended to the area of the padule of Bientina.

Currently the surface is about 2 hectares.

From the lawn in front of the villa, on clear days, you can see

the Gorgonian island with the naked eye.

Even today you can see in front of the entrance door a marble palette with the Latin wording as it was used in the romantic '800:

PARVA DOMVS MAGNA QVIES oggi si può osservare davanti la porta d’ingresso una tavolozza di marmo con la  dicitura in latino  com’era d’uso nel romantico ‘800 :


foto storica

The restructuring:

The renovations started in February 2004 and ended after 8 months.

October 29, 2004 opens to the public

"Villa delle Mimose".

the management:

Our company is mainly a family business led by Massimo Vecchi, restaurateur for over 40 years, his wife Romana and his sons Romano and Elena,

in addition to young collaborators such as Federico, Andrea, Eduard who with commitment and passion contribute to the success of our work, a special applause to Dile and Anna who are the engine of our business.